Sunday, April 19, 2009

A reception

Dear Lamya,

I am so sorry I missed your arrival. Markos and I were invited to a reception in Olni for Surya and Lady Aisha's daughter, Deirdre. It seems she was companioned not too long ago.
I am sending this letter ahead of me. It will take me some time to travel back to Laura to meet with you.
Oh I wish you were here! It was such a lovely gathering. It was nice to see our old friends and some new faces. I received the package you sent me with the new robes you made. They are absolutely lovely! I adore the rich brocade and draping fabrics you used. It was just fancy enough for the event.. but not /too/ fancy. I wouldn't want to out-do the others.
Markos wore his fancier robes as well. He looks just dashing in them. The brown suits him nicely (he IS the administrator you know). The robes are perfect for those events where a little display of wealth is called for.

Lady Aisha looked ravishing in a blue gown. It's a new maker I haven't heard of before. She had a little pouch to go along with it to hold her scribe's things. How convenient! It came in handy. We ladies planned to get together soon for some sedan chair races. Won't that be fun?
The dress was in a lovely two-tone draped jacket. The neckline was a little plunging, but she covered that nicely with an undershirt. The fur collar and edging on the gown was to die for. This gown would be wonderful in a rustic or a city environment.

Lady Jadxia, the Ubara of Venna was there as well. She wore something from that designer you mentioned in your last letter. The purple fit her nicely. The robes were stunning on her. It was a good choice to wear something red and purple. Ubaras must set the trend you know.

That designer you mentioned must be really popular. There was a lady from Telnus there, Fireyminx who wore something from her too. Her colors were some ravishing pastels that popped against the usual drab and dark colors you see. There were little ruffles all about. The dress was just darling for a sweet, young woman such as she.

Oh, I should mention the new companion. His name is Draken. He is apparently from Port Kar. He even wore the whip to the reception, can you believe it? Well.. I am not one to speak ill of Port Kar...
Alright I am one to speak ill of Port Kar, but I will tell you about it when I get back to Laura.
He wore a simple red kilt and cloak. The pattern on the kilt was lovely, although I am sure once Deidre feels more comfortable in her companionship she will at least get a shirt on him.
Deirdre wore a simple velvet gown in a deep green shade. It layered nicely, which was good for her.. it seems she is expecting!
It is spring after all. I'm sure we'll find more and more women popping up pregnant as the season goes on.
She wore some lovely lace gloves with it, I think by the same designer of the gown. I told her if she ever needs anything, to call upon her auntie Sabina in the west.
There were serving and dancing slaves of course. Most of them wore next to nothing.. but what do you expect, the men have to be entertained while we women gossip after all.
The first slave looked like she might be from the south, perhaps the plains, or perhaps one of those exotics you hear about. Her hair was done up in this ornate style.. I admit I will have to try it myself or get the hairdresser to.
She was dressed almost completley in jewels. It's not something you see often, especially in Laura, but as this was a reception for well-to-do people, I can only assume these girls were also a show of wealth.
The jewels were draped about her perfectly, with little gold accents. She did a beautiful dance for us.
Speaking of dancing girls, there was another one there. Her ornaments were a bit more ethnic. They look like they might be from the vosk region. It was barely there at all! What little she had on were mostly gold bands and coins, with some beads hanging from a string. I admire how creatively they were draped upon her.
The last was a girl who looked to be from the Schendi. She wore some ornate dancing silks as well, that covered quite a bit more than the previous two. The silks were draped about her in a festive way with stones to accent it. I rather liked how the metal and stones seemed to shine in the firelight.
I will be home soon. It takes a bit to get from the Olni to the Larius, so again, forgive my late arrival. I hope you had no trouble getting through the blockade?
The messenger will wait for your reply, should you have the time to respond. I am sure you are busy spending time with your daughter (she is growing up nicely!).
If not, send him on his way and I will see you soon, in Laura.

Best wishes,

On Markos:
Robes - Honor Bound - Administrator Councilman Robe
Hair - Armidi

On Sabina -
Robes - Fantasia - Priceless (Soon to be released)
Hair - Gritty Kitty - Ghetto
Veil - Happy Tantrum (No longer in business)

On Syngen -
Robes - Arwen's Creations - Lady Scribe
Veil - Beyond the Veil - Wren
Hair - ETD

On Jadxia -
Robes - Sakinah - Abaya
Veil - Illusions
Hair - ETD

On Fiery -
Robes - Sakinah - Tekbir
Veil - Beyond the Veil - Reina
Hair - Calla

On Draken -
Kilt - ViGo - Gorean Tunics V1
Hair - Abyss

On Dear -
Robes - Merchant Tarl - Ultimate FW robes
Gloves - Merchant Tarl (part of set)
Hair - ETD

First Slave -
Skin - Free Speerit - Kimberly - Aquamarine (Group gift in store)
Hair - MAU's & MEJ's - Shining Moon
Silks - Fracta Universalis - Luz

Second Slave -
Skin - RedGrave - Leticia2
Hair - Zero Style - Maya
Silks - RED's prim silks - Vosk River dancing silks

Third Slave -
Skin - Diversity - Inanna-Dark-Nenagh (Part of a sneak peek pack)
Hair - Pretty Vermin (Nomine) - Mourna Hair
Silks - Captive Elegance - The Second Sin

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Lady Sabina,
I went to your office today to see you, but you were not in and I was informed you were with your new companion. My hussy! I joke with you, I've often thought of rejecting the claim on me and moving on with my own life prospects, so no point. In any case, yes I did arrive in Laura in red. I changed just before arrival to a very modest set of robes which I felt would keep me secure until I was past all the docking work and well within city walls again. It entertained me to no end to see the sailors scramble when they realized...well...thought...that the poor country bumpkin they had taken aboard was actually a rich, high caste woman of the Red. Perception is reality I suppose and worked happily in my favor this time. This dress has a beautiful tone-on-tone red brocade with pure golden embroidery at the hem of the robes, hood and veil. As I understand it, the creator is giving all the proceeds from the sale of this outfit to charity, so I felt even better about splurging with my money.

Once inside the city I felt more comfortable, and so to visit my daughter I went without hood. Rubies clung in my curls, while I wore a full dress of red and golden velvet. For modesty I left on the undermost layer from the robes I arrived in, as well as the scarf from that set, since it seemed to match so nicely. I'll tell you more of the visit when we meet up later.

In passing mention, have you seen that dark schendian girl with her hair in the ropelets? She belongs to the family fostering Amaya. Sweet girl, very shy, sort of a strange accent. I hope my daughter doesn't pick up the accent from spending time around her. She had a pretty little body wrap on in teal, and even wore nethercovering when I was around to avoid upsetting me. I couldn't decide if the fabric was a velvet which had gotten dirty, or if it was a new kind of crushed velvet. In either case, it was pretty enough, and modest enough, to satisfy my tastes.

I'll be staying in the Tharlarion Inn my friend, and hope to see you soon. You'll have to introduce me to your new companion. He's the administrator, is he not? Perhaps he has some high power friends in need of a wealthy companion who's already proven fertile? You can of course leave off that I'm technically low caste. And the bit about my teeth. And feet.


Picture 1-
Robes- Sakinah Hayati-RFL Edition
Skin- D-Skin
Eyes- Soda Skin Eyes

Picture 2-
Dress- Madison's Creations Anne-Ruby (undershirt and shawl from Sakinah Hayati)
Skin- Laqroki-Imani
Hair- Analog Dog-Embrace (gems also found at Analog Dog)

Picture 3-
Camisk- Analise-Jezabel
Collar- Infinity Inc.
Skin- Gala Refined Ebon
Hair- Calico Ingmann Designs-Mason

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Just in case!

Dear Lamya -

Just in case I am away, I am leaving this letter with the guards. They've promoted me to praetor, and it seems as if every few minutes they're asking me to do work. Can you imagine?

Did you arrive in red? Don't change before I get a chance to see it. If you didn't, might I suggest something like this?

It's this wonderful empire waist robe. The fabric is so rich and beautiful.. perhaps a bit ostentatious but perfect for a grand entrance! The robes wrap around the bust to hide your form as well. The seamstress must have run out of fabric because there are no sleeves, but I fixed that quickly by pairing it with an old jacket made of golden cloth. It matched the drape of the robe well enough. I found a new veil maker, and I love her designs! The way she drapes the fabric is just stunning. I'll have to take you to see her shop. They're modest, and just cheeky enough to be fashionable!

There is a new hairdresser in town! You simply must stop by his shop while you're here. He did my hair up in this lovely design, similar to a shell. It's full of jewels and metal.. perhaps a bit heavy, but perfect for those estate dinners and political meetings.
It seems I'm having more of those lately because of Markos.. but well.. I'll tell you about all that in person.

There are panthers here too! I'm guessing they are from Tarna, since it is so close. This one had more on than the one you described.. but just barely. Her bottom was covered in some wispy feathers held on by a belt. Her top seemed ragged and barely patched together as well. Goodness.. it almost makes me miss my days as a panther. Those outfits are very freeing you know.

Remember that slave I told you about? It seems she was sold here. She was bought by the local tavern and wanders about with some ladles and bowls slung to her hip. The tavern seems quite busy, so I suppose she must need them.
Her garment was gray.. a nice charcoal color, perhaps she is owned by the state?

Come find me in my office, just ask for me and the guards should point you in the right direction.
I look forward to seeing you!

- Sabina

FW -
Hair - Nautilus by Tekeli-li

Veil - Dialicious Kisses - Allure Veil Red


shoes - ::: MOON ::: 1001 Night Harem Slippers black

Jacket - DeFleur Modesty Jackets Rheds

Panther -
Necklace - Shifty owl Carved Elements necklace

Belt/Skirt - Feather belt natural - E-Design

Top - Chaospire - Primal Bikini

Hair - Maitreya Apple

Slave -
Silks - *Sinful Contraband* Thrifty Camisk Charcoal

Hair - +++DEJAVU+++ SISTA Black

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Lady Sabina,

I'm sending this letter to Laura ahead of my actual arrival so you know to keep an eye out for me. If I don't show up in a day...please contact my companion?

A new peasant couple arrived in the Post today. Their attire was simple and obviously inexpensive, but no less pleasant on the eyes for it. The man wore a simple, roughspun shirt and leather britches, while the woman wore a dress made of a golden toned linen fabric with leather girdle and corset. The neckline of her dress was a touch lower then I would dare, and she went barefaced, but she was, after all, a peasant. At least her hair was up, though it did expose the long line of her neck. The couple was rather affectionate, I wonder if perhaps she is the man's only woman?

I've decided that for the trip to Laura I should wear something inexpensive as well. One never knows what kinds of condition the boat will be in, nor the quality of the lodgings on the way. I found a lovely dress that a local seamstress gave to me as a sample of her work that should do nicely. White linen blouse with a dyed leather corset and a bustled skirt of a gradient golden fabric. I'll wear a scarf in case there's a chill on the water, and of course my tailor's bag. As for the hair, well, lets just say that travel makes me a touch paranoid.

I look forward to seeing you in Laura, Lady Sabina. I'm bringing several nice gowns to strut around in with you while we see the state of fashion in that rustic city. Also...I look forward to seeing my daughter who's been away in fosterage. I should wear something red I think, to match her and her father's caste.

Until then, all my best.

Picture One-
Dress- Demons & Angels FREEBIE Women's Dress
Man- Demons & Angels FREEBIE Men's Outfit
Hair- Truth-Berri
Women's Skin-Soda Custom Skin
Men's Skin- Belleza-Ewan

Picture Two-
Dress- Moonstruck FREEBIE Women's Dress
Hair- Magika-Pincushion
Veil- Beyond the Veil-Lilo
Scarf & Bag- Tyranny Designs
Skin- Nevermore Studios-Hybrid II in Ardent
Undershirt- Fantasia:Fantasy Clothier Underthings

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bad News..

Dear Lamya,

I've arrived in Laura. Things got.. heated.. in Telnus. I knew my past would catch up to me eventually. I am sorry I didn't write sooner, I left in haste.
You see they found out I used to rule in Treve. It's a huge mess, and part of me wishes it hadn't of happened, but I feel better now. I was able to help a few people, and found there are some still loyal to me.

I've given up my simpler robes, and donned the mantle of the scribes again. It feels nice not having tho hide my wealth anymore!

When I made my appearance in Laura, I had to of course wear something regal. I chose a lovely deep blue gown, with gold paneling. The collar came up just high enough to speak of station, and it even had a cape down the back.
My hair was done up in curls, with little tendrils down the sides, and I draped a lightly jeweled trinket over the top of it.
Although I detest veils, I adore this one I found.. it has the most stunning metal work.

The highlight of my trip was when I met a young slave girl, who had been of Treve. It was nice to speak of these things openly to her. She understood the city I came from, and understood the gravity of the situation I had been in.

I do wish she had worn more though. She had on a simple shift of diaphenous red silk (The horror!) It draped around her so perfectly, no wonder men go mad over slave girls. The bangles she wore accented the piece perfectly.. not too fancy.. but enough. She even wore a flower in her hair.. she must be in love.

Speaking of men, one of my hired guards was a complete brute today as we were entering Laura. He made a show of how heavy my trunks of clothes were.. as if he couldn't carry them!

And the clothes he wore! For shame!
His shirt was barely held together by lacing, exposing his chest and all.. don't even get me started on his pants! They were laced right in the front, where it looked as if one wrong movement and everything would be out in the open. Really, someone should teach these men some modesty around women! I shall never hire him as a guard again.

I've brought a bottle of ta-wine with me, dear. I'll save it for when you arrive. Remember the last time we drank wine together?

Your friend,

Free Woman -
Skin - Bebae - Beline *Caramel: Cat 1b
Hair - Analog Dog - embrace - black
Dress - Suki's Silks - Senator Amidala's Outfit
Veil - Illusions - Bahiya Veil
Hair ornaments - Eolande's - Sofia Peacock Headdress Gold

Slave -
Skin - Curio - Petal-Lovely-Chocolate Peach 1
Hair - Stuff - Jordyn - Black
Silks - Sakinah - Nadia silks - red

Free Man -
Hair - Exile - Jiro - Cheyanne
Skin - Belleza - Miguel Tan 1
Clothes - INDI Designs - Preston

Monday, March 23, 2009

A letter arrives...

Dear Lady Sabina,
How have you been? Yes I'm still in this "dusty" old post. Did you hear Tarna is to become a homestead now? Buildings are going up left and right and trade is improving. But...well...Sacha left me
filthy rich, so who cares about trade and work and all that? I love this idea of traveling, I've hardly been anywhere! And I miss the gowns we used to wear in Ti. Lately I've been wearing more simple outfits, like this lovely dress.

It only comes in this one color, but isn't it great for spring? Peach and pink with a simple white underblouse. The sleeves are a touch short, but customs aren't as stringent out in the wilds. I don't even really
have to wear this beautiful veil, but this one is hardly a chore at all! Each of the veils in the package has fine chains which drape under the two layers of light fabric. The package comes with several varieties of wear, and all of the fabrics take dye well (recolorable). There's still a chill in the air this far north, so the shawl is a must, and of course I bring my seamstress bag with me everywhere. Old habits and all.

Oh! I was just going to mention learning to put flowers in my hair from one of the local panther girls, and she stopped in to trade! The woman was barechested, can you believe it! Hardly two bits of leather to rub together covering that woman, but she did have the most beautiful necklace on. It almost...almost...covered her nakedness. The flowers in her hair today were very exotic, I wonder where she found them...

A trade ship arrived this morning and allowed the girls from the hold to wander the post for excersize. Not that I particularly like them (you know why) but I did notice one girl who wore a rather beautiful set of open silks. The color and translucency of the silk was so amazing. She wore silver bracelets that were chained to rings, as well as anklets of the same type. They mentioned something about her having been stolen from an Ubar's chain, but I didn't pay much attention. It's generally not all that safe to do so, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, give me a few days to collect my things and I'd be delighted to join you! Perhaps we should meet in Laura?

First Picture-
Skin- Curio-Luster:Nuance
Hair- Pretty Vermin-Rose Red Hair
Dress- *Wishbox*-October Harvest
Bag- Details-Seamstress Bag
Veil- Beyond the Veil-Wren Veil
Scarf- Zaara-Pashmina Shawl

Second Picture-
Skin- Curio-Lovely-Pure
Hair- Exile-Lorelei
Jewelry- Firestarter Designs
Loincloth- Fantasia-Kalea Brown
Beating Stick- Stygian

Third Picture-
Skin- *Tyranny Designs* Wrath-Suri
Hair- (Sanctum)-Demali
Silks- *Evies Closet*-Muse Lingerie
Jewelry- Earthstones-Beautiful Slave Bracelets & Anklets
Collar- Infinity-Turian

Sunday, March 22, 2009

On my way

Dear Lamya,

It's been too long! We simply must get together soon and chat. I was thinking of traveling a bit.. would you like to come with me? Safety in numbers you know!
Are you still in that dusty old outpost?

I've made up my mind. We should go and see the world. I'll hire some guards to follow us about, and we'll go and visit all those exotic places. I am all set to go, I even bought a new gown to travel in!

It has a delicious nautical theme to it, you simply must see it! They had other colors out, but I prefer the blue. There is red piping on it, and buttons over the top.. I can just imagine sitting in a cabin of a ship on my journey and barking orders to the crew as if I were the captain. Wouldn't that be a laugh? Let's hope the crew has a sense of humor.

I found a new jeweler too. Her work is so delicate and feminine. I of course am wearing the silver.. you know how I adore my silver. I adore the way she crafted the metal into flowers on this. Instead of the stamen of the flower, there are tiny pearls and crystals. How ducky!
I think she makes it in gold as well. I'll have to take you by her shop.

*A large ink stain covers this portion of the letter*

Oh dear. Sorry about that smudge. I haven't the time to wipe it off.. I hope you don't think any less of me for sending you a sloppy letter.
My nerves are on end, you see.
Here in Telnus they are having a feast of some sort, and are actually telling men to use their slaves publicly.. right in the vineyards!
Well, I won't have anything to do with it. It's enough that I have to hear drunken sailors shout in the middle of the night, I will not go outside of my home to.. *another ink splotch*

Oh I give up. They are right outside my door, saying the most awful things. Scantily clad and all! I have no desire to look upon some slave with barely a wisp of silk and some delicately draped chains!
And that man! Who does he think he is wearing that leather armor, perfectly fitted to his body to show off his tarnsman like abdominal muscles? Not that I would notice such things.
Write back my dear Lamya, and let me know if it's alright to visit. I need to get away!

- Sabina

First Picture:

Skin - BEBAE - Belina *Cinna: Smokey - 1b
Hair - Maitreya Piper II - Charcoal
Eyelashes - *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes - 11 - Showgirl
Dress - ~Ivalde~Anetta blue victorian dress
Jewelry - {Violet Voltaire} Melancholy: Silver/White (Amoire Exclusive)
Gloves - Unspoken Designs - White Satin Gloves

Third picture:

Slave -

Skin - *REDGRAVE* Pale Skin - Ashley - Smoky2
Eyelashes - Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Silks - World's Apart *Godiva Chain Silks* - Black
Collar - ::: Infinity ::: Turian Coloar with Lock (Etched Steel)
Hair - Truth - Lesley 2 - Smokey

Man -

Skin - Scorpio_Orion [1]A

Clothing - !!Husky GFX!! - Ilbert Leather Armor
Sword - Black Ronin - Tribulation Sword (Soon to be re-released)